Our principles are straightness in design, layout and planning which lead to a solution for our
contracting authorities and clients. 

We aim, when starting a project, to have an intensive discussion about the expectations with our clients and contracting authorities. This so found confidence guarantees successful cooperation and implementation.
Our projects begin with a well-developed structure and clearly expressed design.

With the help of our highly qualified colleagues and relatively small teams we are able to manage major projects. Therefore we offer excellent performance, operating on the spot, nationwide and internationally.



Important characteristics of ASS PLANUNGS GMBH FREIE ARCHITEKTEN are flexibility, openness and curiosity.  A broad spectrum of projects, competitions and numerous cooperative projects with national and international partners make this evident.


The highly competitive ASS team is marked by the uncomplicated, project related, objective orientated collaboration with varying planners.


Tried and Tested

Proven solutions are linked by ASS PLANUNGS GMBH FREIE ARCHITEKTEN with innovative approaches, having influence on performance and work conditions. This combination is characteristic for our thinking and dealing.
For ambitious projects at home and abroad,


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